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Montauk - New York .com is the premier online guide to Montauk, New York - a hamlet in Suffolk County on the South Shore of Long Island. It is the easternmost area in Long Island, and thus the easternmost area in New York State.
  Montauk is considered a beach resort, using its position at the tip of Long Island to promote itself as "The Living End" or "The Last Resort" and has become one of the busiest tourist locations within the town of East Hampton.
The small town is host to many restaurants, bed and breakfasts, and hotels and is a popular vacation spot in the warm weather months. Such accommodations are rarer elsewhere in the Hamptons. Many of the Montauk hotels are only open April through November, some for shorter time periods, while a few serve fishermen and other customers year round. Lake Montauk, a small bay on the north side of town, is home to a US Coast Guard station and a small fishing fleet, both commercial and recreational.

Montauk State Parks
Montauk is a major tourist destination having six state parks. From west to east they are :
Hither Hills State Park-
Hither Hills State Park offers visitors scenic picnic areas and fireplaces, sport fishing, a sandy ocean beach, playing fields, a playground and a 168-site campground on the ocean. Anglers can fish year-round and obtain permits to fish at night.
Shadmoor State Park-
Ninety-nine acre Shadmoor State Park, located one quarter-mile east of Montauk Village, features more than 2,400 feet of ocean beach accessed by two stairways. The park, named for its open, rolling geography and the shadbush that grows there, also has bluffs, freshwater wetlands that are part of the preserve, hiking trails and elevated platforms for birdwatching and enjoying the shoreline views.
Montauk Downs State Park-
Montauk Downs State Park is best known for its Robert Trent Jones-designed, championship-length, 18-hole golf course.
Amsterdam Beach State Park-
Amsterdam Beach State Park is 122 acres on the Atlantic Ocean. The park is totally undeveloped and there are no plans to develop it. It includes 1,288 feet of ocean frontage, several ponds and 54 acres of tidal and freshwater wetlands.
Camp Hero State Park-
Camp Hero State Park encompasses 415 acres of diverse landscape including heavily wooded areas, a long expanse of beachfront along the Atlantic Ocean, and an historic military installation. Specific features of Camp Hero are magnificent pristine maritime forests, freshwater wetlands, spectacular ocean vistas and dramatic bluffs rising from the beach.
Montauk Point State Park -
Montauk Point State Park, a heavily-wooded area on the eastern tip of Long Island and the historic Montauk Lighthouse, offers some of the best surf fishing in the world. The view is unique, because, when the water is calm, visitors can clearly see the "race" of converging tides from the Atlantic and Block Island Sound.( information provided by New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation)

The Hamptons and Montauk Real Estate

Located on the
eastern most tip of Long Island, Montauk is a wonderful vacation town and a year round destination. Whether you are looking for a quaint cottage near the beach, an upscale condo or grand estate. You can find just what you are looking for in Montauk and the surrounding areas of Long Island. click here for more information

Montauk Real Estate
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Fishing & Boating in Montauk
Montauk Fishing Boats

Montauk is home to the largest commercial and recreational fishing fleet in New York State.

This region is known as one of the sport fishing capitals of the world. When the water of the Long Island Sound meets the Atlantic Ocean it brings with it large amounts of bait and nutrients attracting all sorts of fish. Striped Bass, Fluke, Shark, Tuna, Cod, & Blackfish are the main catch. If you like canyon fishing, trophy striped bass, tuna and shark, Montauk provides the best salt water fishing on the East Coast. Off shore , in shore, half and full day charter fishing trips are available.

www. Montauk Charter Fishing .com

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Marinas in Montauk

516 668 3232

516 668 5900

516 668 5052

516 668 5600

516 668 2860

516 668 3799

Fishing Seasons & Regulations:

BLACKFISH: 14" Minimum 10 Fish Oct 1- May 31

BLUEFISH: 15 Fish Per Person Per Day of which not more than 10 can be less than 12"
Open All Year

CODFISH: 22" Minimum No Limit Open All Year

FLOUNDER: 12" Minimum 10 Fish Per Person April 1 - May 30

FLUKE: 19-1/2" Minimum 4 Fish Per Person No Closed Season

PORGIES: 10.5" Minimum Size 25/person June 1 - October 31 Charter & Party Boats 60/person Sept. 1 - Oct 31

SEA BASS: 12" Minimum Size 25 Fish Per Person No Closed season

SHARKS: 1 Fish Per Boat 54" Minimum Size Open All Year

STRIPED BASS: 1/Person from 28" - 40" 1/Person over 40 Charter & Party Boats 2 fish per Person at 28" Apr 15 - Dec 15

TUNA: 27" Minimum Size 3 yellowfins per angler No Limit on Albacore or Bigeye Open All Year Bluefins 3/boat at 47" - 73"

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